About TruNorth Data Systems
Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, TruNorth Data Systems was founded in 1999 by Carnegie Mellon University researchers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality computer services and software to our clients. Our work has proven itself successful because of our solid design principles and a unique mix of practical experience, high-level research skills, as well as technical expertise.

While incorporating leading technologies and methods, our systems are easy to use because we work closely with users, learning their patterns of work and information needs and utilizing the latest research in interface design. We build solid foundations, automate intermediate steps, and provide user interfaces that require minimum navigation to results. Our training skills and materials are second to none because we have decades of experience teaching technology at universities and to field personnel of clients.

We are "speed freaks". Law enforcement agencies and other organizations have many users processing and querying massive amounts of data, and therefore need fast, high capacity computer systems. We employ state-of-the-art database designs and programming as well as leading database architectures such as Oracle(TM) and Microsoft SQL Server(TM). The algorithms that we use in our applications are optimized for performance.
Law enforcement agencies and other organizations have many sources of internal and external data that they depend on. Before the term "data warehousing" was coined, we were integrating data from various computer architectures and systems to provide one-stop access to comprehensive information. Fifteen years ago, one of our first GIS applications was able to access census, 911, police records and other city data from a single interface from four different incompatible computer systems and databases. Integration does not only cover data, however. Our systems also integrate different query and visualization techniques such as natural language queries, link analysis, GIS and time lines all into one interface.
TruNorth's founders are well known university researchers. Because of this we develop and have access to state-of-the-art methods and technologies. We are well versed and experienced in applying statistical, forecasting, operations research, and artificial intelligence methods. We have designed and built leading database, GIS, multi-media, networking and intelligence systems. Key, however, is our ability to incorporate these advanced methodologies with computer applications in such a way that they are largely transparent to the user. Our goal is always to provide more than simple data storage and retrieval capabilities. We provide analytical techniques that make sense for your data and business needs.
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