Industries Overview
At TruNorth data Systems it is our policy to not just offer "one size fits all" technology solutions. Because we have experience in a variety of industries we can offer domain expertise specific to your industry, saving you time and money.

Law enforcement is our primary area of expertise. We have developed leading systems for crime analysis, intelligence as well as other law enforcement applications. Recently we developed the first nationwide, real-time spatial data warehouse for law enforcement. Regular speakers at law enforcement conferences, we are well known for our innovative approach to law enforcement information technology solutions.

Our personnel have worked with many different agencies within the public sector at the city, county, state and federal level. They understand the unique environment and contraints that many public sector agencies are confronted with and will use their expertise to provide the most cost effective solution for your agency.
With experience in membership management, subscription management/fulfillment, accounting systems, GIS, database design and application development, and data conversion TruNorth has helped non-profit organizations fulfill their mission in a variety of ways.
TruNorth has partnered with software and other technology firms on projects that have leveraged our expertise in optimizing algorithms, advanced analytics, GIS, data warehousing and data mining.  
Use TruNorth's experts in analysis to more effectively target your potential customers. We can combine your data with other information such as census data to provide you with in-depth analyses.
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