Solutions Overview

Our solutions offering spans a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

Data warehousing means more than just transferring data to a central location, especially when multiple databases are involved. To get the most out of your data it is important that not only all data are combined into one logical schema, but that they are also checked for quality and, if necessary, transformed to allow for analysis and multiple modes of visualization. We can help you build a warehouse to best suit your needs using a variety of platforms including Oracle ® and Microsoft SQLServer ®. Our back end warehousing processes ensure that your data is ready when you need it, and in the format that you need it.
Spatial data warehousing adds another dimension to your data, allowing you to perform GIS-based analysis in addition to, or in combination with other analytical tools. We specialize in a variety of products to help you maximize the performance of your spatial data warehouse. We are well versed in the address matching and geocoding process and have developed proven address cleaning, fuzzy matching, alias and partial match techniques that maximize the number of successfully matched addresses and street intersections. We can also customize spatial overlays to meet your needs and have developed methods to recognize and allow for local variations in address formats and street numbering schemes. Our expertise will help ensure the success of your spatial data warehouse.


Data mining and spatial data mining are relatively new techniques that go beyond simple queries and allow you to search your warehoused data for specific patterns. Data mining has been successfully used in a large number of fields, including law enforcement, marketing, health care and accounting. The advantage of data mining is that it can find patterns in very large amounts of data that would otherwise be impossible to find. Let us show you how data mining can enhance your business intelligence. Because no single data mining technique is best for all situations, we work closely with our clients to analyze their data and needs and help them choose the right combination of methods for their data.
When converting data from a legacy system or incorporating data from multiple sources into a centralized schema such as a data warehouse it is always important to preserve as much historical data as possible. TruNorth has successfully converted client data from a variety of platforms, database architectures and areas of application, including accounting, multimedia, law enforcement and membership management.
TruNorth has designed and implemented numerous databases over the years, using a variety of database architectures and front end application development tools, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET ®, Oracle Developer and Designer®, as well as other products.
Pioneers in the field of crime mapping, TruNorth personnel have decades of experience designing and building state of the art geographic information systems. As an ESRI authorized business partner we specialize in the ArcGIS family of products. Whether you require a custom GIS application or would like to modify an existing one, we can help you maximize the potential of GIS.

TruNorth can assist you in analyzing your data in many different ways. We will work with you to determine your analytical requirements and choose the right techniques for your data and business needs. Some examples of our expertise in analytics are:

  • Forecasting:
  • Entity Extraction
  • Operations Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Spatial Analysis
TruNorth has a proven track record assisting clients with small and large scale projects. If you need help implementing an information technology project or would like a third party opinion regarding a vendor's proposal, we are your best choice.
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